Timothy D. Ernst Trainee Education Fund

The Timothy D. Ernst Trainee Education Fund is designed to protect and promote the future of osteopathic anesthesiology by providing funding for the Timothy D. Ernst Annual Meeting Scholarship, the American Osteopathic Foundation Resident of the Year Award, the annual AOCA Scientific Session Award winners, and to develop new programs, products, and services especially for medical students, residents, and fellows to promote the field of osteopathic anesthesiology.

The fund was created to carry on the legacy of Dr. Timothy D. Ernst. He had a passion for education and always strived to help and mentor the residents, and thus, a scholarship was set up to facilitate his wishes.

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Award Info:     

Winner(s) of the Timothy D. Ernst Annual Meeting Scholarship will be awarded $500 to attend the Annual Convention and will be spotlighted at the Conclave.

Award Criteria:     

  • The Timothy D. Ernst Annual Meeting Scholarship will be awarded, annually, to up to two (2) Resident members based on their scholarship, leadership, and commitment to the osteopathic profession
  • All nominations MUST be made by a Program Director
  • Letters of Nomination should be sent to the Awards & Honors Chair as well as the AOCA Office
  • DEADLINE for Submission is April 18.
  • All awards are reviewed by the Board of Governors for final approval

 Submission Info:     

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Timothy D. Ernst Annual Meeting Scholarship Winners 

"It was a wonderful surprise and an incredible honor to be nominated for the Timothy Ernst Scholarship award. It is humbling to be included with the impressive and inspiring recipients that came before me. I hope to live up to the legacy of Dr. Ernst by focusing on mentorship, dedication to the field of anesthesiology and continuing to build upon my love of learning. There are many influential anesthesiologist mentors and teachers that I have been so lucky to work with so far in my training and I hope to pass on that same love of learning and passion for this field. Thank you for this honor." 
Katerina Grynyshin, DO
2022 Scholarship Winner
""Reading about Dr. Timothy Ernst, it is clear that he was a man of great passion, expressing a love of everything he was involved in. The hospital setting was no exception as he demonstrated a dedication to the field of anesthesiology and was instilled with a fervor to teach and mentor others. With examples such as his, I strive to become a great physician and to dedicate myself to my community and to support those around me. It is truly an honor to receive this award, as his generosity is allowing me to further my education and enjoy the fellowship of the community that meant so much to him."

John Carter, DO
2021 Scholarship Winner

 "It was a surprise and a privilege to receive this award. There are many spectacular attending physicians that were dedicated to my learning and career over the years. Dr. Ernst, being one of those now. I will be able to continue learning while attending the next AOCA conference in the spring. My mentors have instilled a drive in me to continue to be not only a great physician but a kind, humble person and leader. They’ve inspired me to use the knowledge that has been handed down and continue my journey of practicing medicine keeping the value of osteopathy alive in anesthesia. It is an honor for me to continue this great legacy of osteopathic education in anesthesia and to contribute to the future of our field."
Chelsea Cambria, DO
2020 Scholarship Winner

 Not Pictured

Huy Nguyen, DO
2019 Scholarship Winner


Not Pictured

“I was greatly honored and also very humbled to receive the Timothy Ernst Memorial Scholarship. These emotions were felt more deeply at the Convocation and Convention in San Diego, where I otherwise would not have been able to attend. The caliber of the speakers and the amount of information was wonderful, and it was because of the Ernst Memorial Scholarship that I was able to be a part of it. It was impactful to me to hear people who knew him share stories about him before the "fun-run" and realize that I was now part of his legacy. Thank you again to the College for honoring me with this opportunity, and to all those who contribute to the Ernst Memorial Scholarship to allow opportunities like this to future residents.”

Daniel Grutter, DO
2018 Scholarship Winner



“I consider it a great honor to be the first recipient of the Ernst Memorial Scholarship. Dr. Ernst was universally respected in and out of the perioperative theater. He remains a role model for many of us. His philanthropy allowed me to attend the 2015 AOCA Annual Convention in Orlando, which was my first opportunity to do so. It was an experience I will not soon forget! Thank you, Dr. Ernst, your legacy truly lives on through the scholarship bearing your name.”

Sean Sturm, DO
2018 Scholarship Winner




"I am honored to receive the Timothy D. Ernst Memorial Scholarship.  I would like to thank my mentor Dr. David Simons for the nomination and the committee for allowing me to attend the AOCA Annual Convention.  I have had the privilege of attending this convention in the past.  It was a great chance to further my education through informed up to date lectures provided by well qualified AOCA speakers.  Beyond that, I was able to meet influential leaders in Anesthesia who have imparted some invaluable advice and knowledge.  Dr. Ernst was one of those leaders who unfortunately I will not have the chance to meet.  He was a role model who strived to help the future generation of doctors through his educational mentorship.  Through this scholarship, his dream and legacy are honored, and I am very humbled to receive this opportunity.  Thank You.”

Ryan Cheng, DO

2017 Scholarship Winner



"Going to my first AOCA conference at the 2018 Mid-Year Seminar in Chicago was an amazing experience. Collaborative lectures allowed me to further build my knowledge base and add practical techniques to my anesthetic tool-set. What stands out most from my trip, however, was the feeling of being embraced into a community of Osteopathic Anesthesia providers and networking with resources spread throughout the country. As a resident, I’m especially thankful to those who generously donated to the scholarship fund which enabled me to afford the trip. While I never got the opportunity to meet Dr. Ernst, from the stories I’ve been told I know I would have enjoyed his company both in and out of the OR. I can’t think of a better way to honor the memory of such a great teacher than giving us residents the ability to share in the knowledge and camaraderie of his colleagues—I’m truly honored to be connected to his legacy."

Timothy Roberts, DO
2017 Scholarship Winner



"I wanted to express my gratitude in receiving such an honorable gift to attend the AOCA Mid-Year conference in Chicago, Illinois.  It was such an honor being chosen to receive this award.  Dr. Ernst, though I never got the chance to meet him, was a great role model for our profession.  He was friendly and a knowledgeable anesthesiologist that enjoyed teaching residents and peers what he had learned.  In receiving this award, it motivates me to improve upon my knowledge and skills to emulate his work.  I, too, now work with residents and try to impose on them some of the qualities Dr. Ernst was known for.  Although he has passed, he will certainly be remembered.  I was equally honored to attend the AOCA conference, learning from others in anesthesiology with high-quality lectures and getting to know those in the country that continue to improve the safety and efficacy of anesthesia practice.  Thank you for allowing me to attend the conference in Dr. Ernst’s memory."

Manda Null, DO
2016 Scholarship Winner



I consider it a great honor to the first recipient of the Ernst Memorial Scholarship.  Although I never had the pleasure to work with Dr. Timothy Ernst, several of my colleagues did.  After I was nominated by my Program Director, I decided to do a bit of research.  I quickly realized I would not be disappointed.  I was regaled with stories of frivolity, friendship, and farming; ALL of which are traits I share with the late Dr. Ernst.  He was universally respected in and out of the perioperative theater.  Whether it be in his garden, enjoying the outdoors on a run, or back home with family, Dr. Ernst led an active life.  He remains a role model for many anesthesia providers.  His philanthropy allowed me to attend the 63rd Annual Conclave and Convention in Orlando in 2015, which was my first.  It was an experience I will not soon forget.  Thank you Dr. Ernst, your legacy lives on through the scholarship bearing your name.

Delano Proctor IV, DO
2015 Scholarship Winner