Scientific Papers

Scientific Paper Requirements And Suggested Format(s)*

Residents shall prepare a scientific paper which is an Original Contribution or Case Study/Report.  Original contributions will document original clinical or applied research.  Case reports will document unusual clinical presentations with new, recognized or rarely reported features.  The length of the paper shall be a minimum of 1500 words, double-spaced (all text including references and table/figures legends), paginated, with references required for all materials derived from the work of others.  The paper shall be submitted on or before the completion of the third year of residency training (OGME-3).  Each resident must prepare his/her own paper and no resident may submit the same paper individually or in conjunction with other residents as co-authors. 

The resident must submit an outline for the research project during the second year of residency training (OGME-2) and obtain the program director‘s approval on the project.  The completed research project must be submitted to the Evaluating Committee of the AOCA in a publishable format (Listed below).  In all instances, the projects must include a Title-Page, as well as a Program Director’s Page completed and approved by the Program Director.

Click Here for more details: Requirements for Scientific Paper

*While this is still acceptable, we are encouraging AOCA Residents to complete the Scholarly Activity requirement set forth by the ACGME: Complex Case or Scientific Investigation